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Niro Natural ayurvedic and herbal products in india by calibre industry
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Calibre Industry is an herbal product based company
  • Herbal Tea
  • Nirog Diabetics
  • Nirog Pilex
  • Nirog Slimming
  • NIROG Nirvana
  • Nirog Bramha Oil
  • Nirog Chandra Oil
  • Cholesterol level, HeartAttack, Diabetic, Pain, Fat profile in body

    Rise in Blood pressure, Hypercholesterolemia rise in lipid serum, Joint pain, Arthritis due to over weight

    Nirog Slimming

    The increase fats in body leads to many diseases and also affects the health which may leads to HEART ATTACK, ARTHIRITIS, DIABETIES and BLOCAKAGES in the BLOOD VESSELS. The only effective answer to it is HERBAL NIROG SLIMMING. It is prepared from different types of herbal plants which is useful to burns the extra fats in body. NIROG SLIMMING is 100% natural and no side effect.

    Product Impacts

    • Reduce body weight.
    • Reduce in Cholesterol level.
    • Useful in joint pains.
    • Reduce the fat of stomach
    • Reduce the Triglycerides level.
    • Helps in Fat profile in body.
    • Reduce the chances of Heart Attack.
    • Reduce the chance of Diabetic.

    Use this product to solve these problems

    Product Contents

    Guggul, Tusi, Sonmukhi, Soonth, Lodhra, Pippal, Pippal Mool, Chavika, Chitrak, Kalimirch, Triphala Churana, Sendha Namak,